Kathy Eddy, Tommye Barie, Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Olivia Kirtley and Leslie Murphy, moderated by AICPA CEO Barry Melancon will host a panel on how they achieved success, overcame challenges and how together, we can make an impact on the profession.

Join women leaders, aspiring leaders and male colleagues interested in a more inclusive and successful workplace to focus on leadership topics, boardroom diversity and best practices to enhance the skills and potential of women leaders within the financial community.

You’re only as good as people say you are. What are your internal and external customers saying? Do they want to work with you or do they feel that they have to? Take control of your reputation by knowing how you are perceived and managing what you put in front of others. Improve your and your department’s reputation. Get more feedback enabling you to take control of the impressions you create. Build long lasting business relationships that outlast economic downturns, miscommunication and conflict. Take charge of your business and your future.

Learning Objectives:

This session will focus on changing historical realities for women and the family in the 20th and 21st century. The session will conclude with a focus women’s narratives and leadership.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand “feminism” within the context of historical changes.
  • Take a deep dive into two transformative realities for women in the 21st century: how we write women’s narratives and how we design women’s leadership.

Being on stage is not just about what you say but about your body language, pacing, intentions behind your words, and the subtext to what you are communicating. The ebb and flow of your presentation can make or break you as a public speaker or presenter. As someone that has been on stage since I was five and has directed and choreographed for almost 25 years, working with thousands of performers from Broadway to local talent, I LOVE helping people take a script and bring honesty to it in order to bring audiences into their story.

Join two of Canada’s top networking experts, Judy Thomson CPA, CA and Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, for a high-energy session that will help you with all the networking you’ll be doing during the conference. Ace the challenge of ‘small talk’, be more effective when networking at receptions, meals and breaks, and get the best tips to follow up with the people you meet. Judy and Gayle’s practical tips can be used immediately—at the first networking break. Introverts will learn strategies to become better networkers and even good networkers will take their networking skills up a notch.

Inclusion is a key component to attracting and engaging today’s talent. Every year, organizations allocate time, resources, and budget towards efforts to foster an inclusive culture—and interest is still increasing. We will dive deeper into understanding the current state of diversity and inclusion in today’s marketplace - seeing how diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent drives the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. We will discuss how this onus is on each person, not just those at the top to embody six specific straits of inclusive leadership.

With quotes from financial services leaders like, "transform or die" or "disruption is king" it is pertinent that changes, especially those from technology, staffing and economic shifts, be embraced. The ability to apply a disruption-friendly mindset to industry transitions will be necessary to move forward, grow revenue and retain personnel. Acquiring with the skill set to move through shifts while continuing to produce is imperative in the next decade. Road blocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day. In this powerful session Ms.

No matter your level in the firm, you can become a strategic partner to your clients and translate day-to-day client challenges into consulting opportunities. This workshop provides a process and supporting tools to assist you in engaging in meaningful client dialogue, transforming client service and growing your practice. It will also provide practical guidance and real-life examples on how to implement this service model.

When you complete this course you will be able to: