This session will focus on changing historical realities for women and the family in the 20th and 21st century. The session will conclude with a focus women’s narratives and leadership.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand “feminism” within the context of historical changes.
  • Take a deep dive into two transformative realities for women in the 21st century: how we write women’s narratives and how we design women’s leadership.

Being on stage is not just about what you say but about your body language, pacing, intentions behind your words, and the subtext to what you are communicating. The ebb and flow of your presentation can make or break you as a public speaker or presenter. As someone that has been on stage since I was five and has directed and choreographed for almost 25 years, working with thousands of performers from Broadway to local talent, I LOVE helping people take a script and bring honesty to it in order to bring audiences into their story.

With quotes from financial services leaders like, "transform or die" or "disruption is king" it is pertinent that changes, especially those from technology, staffing and economic shifts, be embraced. The ability to apply a disruption-friendly mindset to industry transitions will be necessary to move forward, grow revenue and retain personnel. Acquiring with the skill set to move through shifts while continuing to produce is imperative in the next decade. Road blocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day. In this powerful session Ms.

Have you ever struggled with making it all work? This session will provide strategies to maximize your “mom-ness” while developing a stellar career as a CPA, participating in profession-related extra-curriculars and not ending up in the insane asylum!

Learning Objectives:

Each of us has the power to do great things, but this power lies deep within. It requires us to go beyond self-imposed limitations and harness the power of focus, confidence, and courage. As Henry Ford once said, "whether you think you can or can’t, you are correct." Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Believe you have invisible power and create wonders. Every sage and master has shared this wisdom, but it requires us to go beyond fear and doubt, discover the source of inspiration, and shatter the illusions that limit the possibilities.

Learning Objectives:

Robin and Lesley-Anne will introduce you to the Wealth Wellness Wheel (WWW), a unique and balanced approach to building and maintaining wealth for the long term. They will explain the five pillars of the Wealth Wellness Wheel (Money, Career, Relationships, Health, and Philanthropy) and share personal and relatable stories of how they have successfully applied it to their own lives, and how you can too.

Learning Objectives:

We know that women have been graduating from accounting and other professional education faculties such as law, and medicine at rates comparable to men for decades. However, career advancement rates for women remain curtailed. A reality illustrated most vividly by the fact that only 13-19% of North American C-suite roles are occupied by women today.

Culturally different clients don’t just look different or speak a different language; they communicate and react differently because they were educated to think differently. As a result, professional accountants may provide what they consider as great service when their clients consider that the service they receive does not meet their expectations. Using insightful diagrams, powerful anecdotes and an experiential exercise, this presentation analyzes the root causes of typical misunderstandings between clients and accounting service providers to suggest practical solutions.

Innovation in your role within a company can be the difference between advancing your career, and being stuck in the mud. This course will deliver real-life success stories, as well as failures, from three women who have created their own career path through intraprenuership. All from very different backgrounds including SMB, Mid-Size Orgs, and Enterprise corporations; each will tell their story and give tips on what you can do to: