Karen is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Director of Professional Issues and Research Support Services at CPA Canada. She is responsible for conducting research and developing guidance and thought leadership that support CPAs addressing the issues of leadership and professionalism, along with diversity and inclusion. Karen believes professionalism and ethics are foundational to the profession and need to be continually revisited in the dynamic world we live in to enable CPAs to live the values and lead others 24/7.

Karen as part of her diversity and inclusion work at CPA Canada leads the women’s leadership initiatives which has published its compensation results by gender since 2013, and in 2017 published a business case highlighting key advantages of advancing women into leadership positions from bottom line results to positive non-financial results. She was a key part of the team that brought five different professions together to consider how we learn about ethics and professional judgement.

Before joining the Research, Guidance and Support department at CPA Canada, she was a Principal with the Accounting Standards Board of Canada as part of the team introducing IFRS to Canada. Prior to that she was a partner with a mid-market CPA firm in Toronto.

Director, CPA Canada
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