WOM1903. The Power of One: How One Attitude, One action, And One Person Can Change the World

Specialized Knowledge Track
Field of Study: 
Personal Development
CPE Credit: 
Knowledge Level & Prerequisite: 
Beginner (1-2 years in the profession)
Advanced Preparation: 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Expected to die after being burned on 100 percent of his body as a child, John O’Leary now teaches others how to truly live. He reveals that how we view, hear and internalize the world has everything to do with the professional, relational and personal outcomes we receive. Through emotional storytelling and with great humor, O’Leary will share the insights he gained from his experience, and he will empower you to shift your perspective and overcome adversity. He will provide the tools to transform challenges, strengthen relationships and stretch boldly toward possibility.
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to change the way you ask questions to transform the answers you receive—and the life you lead.
  • Improve personal accountability for actions, attitudes and outcomes.
  • Better understand your impact within your organization and re-ignite your professional passion.
  • Discover the two greatest motivators in life and their powerful effects.