Jane Moran

Co-Founder | Noesis Learning Inc.

Jane is co-founder of Noesis Learning Inc, specializing in the field of neuroleadership for nearly two decades. A dynamic facilitator and curriculum architect, Jane’s passion is helping
organizations apply the science of leadership. She has global experience bringing brain-based learning to improve the way people think and work in highly complex environments. Jane is a
Results Certified Master Coach & Coach Trainer, with a Bachelor degree Communication Studies and is a published speaker.

Jane brings research-based learning and leadership tools to people in a way that’s meaningful and immediately applicable. With an Executive Master’s degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Jane’s repertoire of insights, approaches and content shift busy, intelligent people into inspired action. Her clients span Canada, the US, Australia, England and Asia. At Noesis, Jane specializes in practical approaches that transform leader behaviors so people and places can embrace change. Drawing on her work with Google, Jane creates learning experiences that ramp up productivity and focus so people can think and innovate. The result is a socially intelligent and neurodiverse workplace environment where everyone’s (brain) needs are met.


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Neuroscientists tell us our brain is a social organ. Before anything else. And the more we understand this highly sensitive operating system, the more likely we are to More