Janine Rogan

Financial Solutions Consultant | Workday

Janine Rogan is a personal finance educator, wealth generation expert and award winning CPA based in Calgary Alberta. She is passionate about sharing her financial knowledge with Canadians to help educate them to make money-smart decisions. Through her website, YouTube channel, and community engagement Janine shares actionable financial advice that will make a difference in how you manage your money. Over the years Janine has spent countless hours educating the community across Canada on all aspects of financial literacy. She has written over 700 articles and spoken to thousands of individuals. In addition to her passion for financial literacy Janine works for a tech company as a financial consultant. She helps businesses understand their financial ERP requirements and shows them how technology of the future can help bridge the gaps and drive efficiencies in their business. Janine sits on the board of the CPA Alberta Education Foundation, Green Calgary, and the Planning Committee for the AICPA Global Women's Leadership Summit. JanineRogan.com