Kate Boorer

Author and Speaker | Core Confidence

"As a young twenty-something ambitious finance professional, I was confident in my career success. ‘Study and work hard’ had been values embedded early and progression seemed easy, with the support of mentors and sponsors. Despite success, there had always been a little voice, a part of me that would be terrified when asked to do anything involving public speaking for fear of being judged or being made a fool. A part of me that would shrink when I would walk into a room where I did not know anyone, for fear I would not have anyone to talk to or anything to say. The more senior I became in my career, the more public speaking and networking were required, and the more self-doubt started to emerge. At times, I was tempted to give it all up, play it safe and retreat to a career and life that required none of this. Tired and somewhat frustrated at the level of emotional and mental energy wasted on seemingly simple activities, I dived into what has become a lifelong commitment to personal and professional development and the journey that led to Core Confidence.”

Today, Kate is one of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. She is a sought-after speaker mentor and facilitator who helps CEO’s, leaders and professional women achieve commercial, professional and personal success. Her strong corporate experience and financial acumen combined with years of working as a consultant, facilitator and coach provide a unique blend of skills and experience that guarantees practical and commercial outcomes for her clients. Living her own passions helping women reach out to their dreams, Kate is also a mentor, helping female leaders (both experienced and emerging) get clarity about their careers, have the confidence to ask for what they want and position themselves for success. Known for her direct and honest approach, Kate pushes her clients to step out of their comfort zone, challenge the status quo and drive change for themselves and within their organisations. Kate’s an advocate for gender equality and a founder of Young Professional Women Australia – an organisation with a collective voice of more than 4,000 members committed to supporting the progression of professional women in their early-mid career. For over 5 years the organization has provided free advice, education and networking events as well as professional development programs that empower and inspire women to challenge the rules, ultimately becoming role models and change makers in their organisations. Kate’s results with her clients, driving change ‘one step at a time’, combined with the collective voice of her tribe (YPWA), make Kate a powerful thought leader and advocate for gender equality in corporate Australia. Core Confidence is the result of years of research and insights, working with courageous women willing to challenge the status quo. A game changer for women, men and organisations in Australia.


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