Lauren Baptiste

Founder and CEO | Acheloa Wellness

Lauren Baptiste, CEO and Creative Founder of Acheloa Wellness, is a transformational stress expert, focusing on the empowerment of females within corporate organizations. Lauren understands the impact of burnout and its residual effects on the individual, the organization and the industry. Her holistic solutions inspire clients reconnect to their natural rhythm and achieve personal and professional balance, while her programs focus on the improvement an organization's revenue goals while reducing turnover at middle-to-upper management women leaders.

As someone with 10 years of working experience at a Big Four accounting firm, Lauren personally experienced many of the challenges our workforce is currently facing. Lauren’s approach brings a sense of empowerment by overcoming the obstacles that arise from career, health, relationships and lack of spirit. Her methodology blends modern and traditional practices with a modern natural-health approach to allow even the busiest of clients to experience powerful shifts.

Lauren collaborates and co-creates with Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, not for profits and start-up organizations, covering a diverse background of industries and needs. She also supports individuals with inspirational mentorship programs. Lauren is a New York State CPA and certified in stress, cultures of wellness, hormonal health and ayurveda.


As CPAs, Sarah and Lauren personally witnessed and experienced the harsh realities of burnout on the body, mind and heart. Burnout isn’t a one-off; it is interwoven in the tapestry of hard-working More