Rachel Gregg

Co-Founder | regroupTAX

Rachel is a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help women create businesses that align with their ideal lives. In 2012, after spending several years in public accounting, she co-founded regroupTAX [a trial balance app for CPAs] as a way to streamline the business tax preparation process, which is still operating today. She is currently Founder & CEO at Lolana & Co., a Strategic Advisory firm that helps women launch and scale profitable businesses and it’s affiliate company, Designer IQ which provides accounting, tax and CFO services exclusively to the interior design industry. Rachel is an advocate of leveraging technology to make processes more efficient and is passionate about helping women become great leaders. She is a mom to three wonderful children, an interior design enthusiast and and an ex-collegiate softball pitcher.


Sales is not something that comes naturally to most CPAs, and unfortunately the skillsets needed to grow a business extend far past the firm leaders. In this session, we will take a look at what More